Google Ads
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Pay Per click Advertising

We all know the importance of Google search in the online world. Google Adwords is a software tool through which any advertiser bids on the searched keywords to get a good Google search ranking and traffic on the page. Google holds more than 90% of online search so it is worth to invest money on the Google keyword planner through Adwords. It charges money for these keyword clicks and makes a lot of money and in reverse help the advertiser to gain good search result. Google has many free tools like

PPC services
  • Adwords
  • Trends
  • Search console
  • Analytics
  • Webmaster

Advertisers bid on keyword to increase the ranking of the clickable ads on Google search. Adwords works more efficiently than SEO

Get everything, who, when, how, where, about your online click history for ads

By using selected keywords on the content on your webpage increase the conversion rate