Frequently Asked Questions

With the increasing percentage of internet and teledensity around the world, every day millions of people use the online mode for their work or recreations. As per USA online data, on an average youth invest 6hrs daily online. So nowadays companies are actively using the digital field to promote and advertise their products and services, and this kind of marketing is called as digital marketing.

As we already know that the percentage of the population using the digital world is increasing daily. The internet is used in every sector of the economy like industry, education, tourism, retail, wholesale, defence, automobile and more. So companies are in a hurry to make their products or services online as soon as possible.

As we have seen in the above question, that mostly all are using internet services in different ways. So by using the digital platform companies have been making an increased profit of 50% than what they were earning earlier.

There are multiple factors which makes YUMBO the most sought after company for any software services

  • Average working experience among the team member- 12 years
  • Experience of handling 1000 plus projects
  • 100% track record of getting five star rating from customers
  • 96% of repeat customers
  • All team members are certified by the top most institutes of India and world
  • 24*7 assistance facility
  • YUMBO provide digital training also

Digital marketing is a broad topic, and it comprises of several things starting from making a website for a company to making a profit from the content present on that website. Web developing, web designing, graphics designing, content writing, copywriting, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media optimization, Google ads, PPC, web applications, online reputation management services, customer relationship management, and much more.

Just by coming on the digital field does not guarantee any success, as there are many odd things to be taken care off to become a top google search ranking website. More often, companies lack some inevitable steps and which results in not getting the profit. However, at the same time, it is the guaranteed success, if the company take help of one of the best digital marketing service providers in India, YUMBO. This company has a group of experts who can produce the desired result with notable success. YUMBO maintains a track record of delivering 100% satisfied clients.

The cost is dependent upon the kind of quality services and the backend coding that any company wants on its website. It may range from a few thousand to lakhs per month.

Here at YUMBO we use SOP’s formed by experts like

  • Getting to the root cause of the problem
  • In-depth analysis based on the specific sector
  • Brainstorming with a lots of research work
  • Implementation process
  • Result oriented approach
  • Get verified by client in the regular interval
  • Getting acceptance from client
  • Handing over the project to client